1. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) devices

  1.1. Induction and conduction pumps for liquid metals and electroconducting alloys. The Institute have experience of more than 30 years in designing and producing of pumps. By varying geometry of channel and magnetic core and by choosing different types of winding it is possible to obtain various configurations of pumps (flat, annular, helical, with double feeding, also pumps with permanent magnets). Thus enabling to meet the requirements of every technological process. 
Flat induction MHD pump
    1.2. MHD mixers for electrically conducting melts
Application areas: metallurgy, foundries, production of semi-conducting materials.

Objectives of action upon melt: homogenization and thermostatic control of mixtures, dissolution of additives.

Method of action: generation of volumetric azimuthal force acting upon melt due to interaction between a rotating magnetic field and the currents induced in a conducting medium.

    1.3. Various MHD devices for interaction on liquid metals.
Devices for improving technologies in different metallurgical processes, production of semi-conductors and others (MHD dosators, switches, devices for generating standing waves in soldering technology).
2. End - drive electric motor (EEM)


Advantages relevant for various applications:

large starting and dynamo torque values, high stability under changing load conditions, since shafts are equipped with gaskets it is easy to achieve hermetic operation conditions.

Most efficient application areas of EEM:

high-power fans, pumps, disintegrators, crushers, mills, mixers, refiners, homogenizers, phase advancing transformers.

EEM application areas and technologies:

mixing, refining and pumping of liquid materials, including oil transportation and processing, as well as food industry;

pre-processing of agricultural products, waste processing, e.g., in timber, glass industries.

EMP-mixer (One of the device modifications employed in photochemical industry)

       An inductor and one of the versions of a flat angular rotor of an experimental heavy-duty (equipped with   water -cooled windings) asynchronous EEM, 1 m in diameter with dismantled operational element and casings.

      Asynchronous EEM of this type can be efficiently used:

  • in various industrial high - capacity devices, e.g. in chemical, food and others industries and for water equipment;

  • in the capacity of the driving element for high - power pumps, fans, mills and disintegrators.



         In comparison with regular electric motors EEM of this type offers the following advantages:

  • maximum starting and operational torque values;
  • load - relivied axis, not subjected to radial wobbling;
  • no rotating shaft, working elements rotate around unmoving axis;
  • it is easy to achieve hermetic operation conditions, heightened pressure in the working capacity.