Institute has unique material basis for MHD and other research.
1. Mercury Laboratory

Special building for conducting of experiments with mercury. Total amount of Hg 8 tons. Hg storage facilities, Hg circulation system, ventilation, the device of air composition control. 

Mercury stand for investigation and modeling of thermal-hydraulic processes in proton target as new source of generating spallation neutrons.


1. TMR Network "R&D for target-moderator-reflector assembly of the future European Spallation Neutron Source ESS",

2. Research Center Juelich, Germany,

3. Research Center Rossendorf, Germany,

4. Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland.

2. Superconducting Magnet

(5.6 T in 60 liters bore) separated from the coil cryogenic tank for experiments at different orientations of magnetic field lines with regard to the direction of gravity force. Homogeneous magnetic field is ensured practically over the whole experimental space.

3. Thermo-vacuum Chamber


Double walled water-cooled thermo-vacuum chamber (volume 12 m3; pressure 6.66x10-4 Pa;

power rejection capacity 300 kW) for high temperature experiments in vacuum. Chamber is suitable for MHD and other devices verification at the temperature till 1000 oC.


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